CETING BUHARI (Prevent Stunting in 1000 Days of Life) Corporate Social Responsibility of Patra Jasa Business Unit in the Gedongtengen Area

CETING BUHARI (Prevent Stunting in 1000 Days of Life) Corporate Social Responsibility of Patra Jasa Business Unit in the Gedongtengen Area

September 19, 2023

Patra Jasa, through its business unit, Patra Malioboro Hotel, carried out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities towards the surrounding community. This CSR activity is an annual agenda and this year was carried out on September 19, 2023 as a form of company support to prevent malnutrition and stunting in the Gedongtengen area.

“On this occasion, as a form of the company’s commitment, we want to help prevent malnutrition and stunting for toddlers, where the first 1000 days are an important cycle for toddlers to get adequate and nutritionally balanced food intake to support their growth,” said the Director of Hospitality and Multi Services, Ray S. M. Daulay in his speech.

Implementation of the CSR program was carried out by referring to BUMN Ministerial Regulation (Permen) No. PER-01/MBU/03/2023 dated March 3, 2023, Concerning Special Assignments and Corporate Social Responsibility Programs for State-Owned Enterprises in accordance with CHAPTER III article 13 point a, that the BUMN’s CSR Program aims to provide benefits for economic development, social development, environmental development as well as legal and governance development for companies. Furthermore this activity is a form of the Company’s commitment and responsibility to carry out social action, which aims to provide welfare for the community within the business unit and support sustainable development.

This activity, which was carried out at the Patra Malioboro Hotel, was attended by Mantri Civil Service, Ananto Wibowo M.I.P and the Head of the Health Service, Drg. Emma Rahmi Aryani, M.M. Apart from providing assistance in the form of basic necessities and health equipment, Patra Jasa also helps produce mass-printed stunting prevention pocket books to be distributed to local communities, organizes The Youth Integrated Healthcare Center and Pregnant Women’s Yoga activities, as well as regular child examinations at the Gedongtengen Community Health Center.

On each of these occasions, education was also provided to the public about the importance of healthy living by consuming nutritious food that contains lots of protein, and healthy living habits according to health protocols delivered directly by Dr. Neti Nurani, SP.A.

“In order to make the city of Yogyakarta free of stunting by 2024, hopefully the corporate social responsibility carried out by Patra Malioboro can be a driving force for other hotels in the Gedongtengen area to help resolve this problem,” said the Mantri Pamong Praja Kemantren Gedongtengen, Drs. Ananto Wibowo, M.I.P in his speech.

Patra Jasa as a company that has a business unit in the Gedongtengen area, is very open if there are any parties who want to collaborate by involving the community around the hotel, especially in carrying out social activities in the Gedongtengen area.