Patra Bandung Hotel CSR Activities Upskilling Waste Maggot Management Into Animal Feed

Patra Bandung Hotel CSR Activities Upskilling Waste Maggot Management Into Animal Feed

February 9, 2021

Bandung, February 9, 2021

Continuing activities that have been carried out every year since 2016, PT Patra Jasa through its business unit, namely Patra Bandung Hotel, has carried out CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities with the theme “Upskilling Management of Garbage Maggots into Animal Feed”.

This CSR activity involves 13 RWs in Lebakgede Village, Coblong District, Bandung City which aims to support better organic waste management in the area around Patra Bandung Hotel and provide education by providing skills training by providing 6 additional packages of Maggot Management equipment & livestock media . The package consists of Maggot House eggs, fish fiber tub, 200 catfish seeds, circulation machine, hose, filter foam and upskilling training.

All activities that take place always follow health protocols to maintain the health and safety of all participants. This is evidenced by the implementation of a rapid test carried out before starting the event, as well as the delivery of a 90-minute training which was attended by 13 online participants and 15 online participants. Besides being attended by residents, this CSR activity was attended by 15 Environmental Supporters in Lebakgede Village, Coblong District, Bandung City, and was also attended by the Lebakgede Village Head and DLHK Representatives (Department of Environment and Hygiene) of Bandung City online.

“This year, we invite the participants to be more enthusiastic in processing maggot into animal feed so that residents are more creative in utilizing waste into something more useful. In addition, this activity is expected to invite the community to be more productive even during the pandemic, but still adhere to health protocols in every activity carried out,” said Mrs. Endang Lestari Ningsih as General Manager of Hotel Patra Bandung.