Patra Jasa Aid for the Indonesian Cancer Foundation

Patra Jasa Aid for the Indonesian Cancer Foundation

November 3, 2022

Based on the website, in Indonesia, the number of breast cancer sufferers is the highest among others cancer sufferers in Indonesia and is one of the first contributors to death from cancer. From Globocan data for 2020, the number of new cases of breast cancer reached 68,858 cases (16.6%) of a total of 396,914 new cases of cancer in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the number of deaths reached more than 22 thousand cases.


Seeing the magnitude influence of cancer in Indonesia, Patra Jasa provides assistance to help ease the burden on people affected by cancer, especially people who are less fortunate in undergoing cancer therapy and treatment. The assistance provided was in the form of a cash donation for a lung cancer early detection assistance program and stoma bags for 100 people. This activity is also part of Patra Jasa’s support in in order to celebrate Pertamina’s 65th Anniversary which will be held in December.


Represented by the Corporate Secretary team, assistance was given to Dr. Rebecca N. Angka M. Biomed and Dr. Klara Kurnia as a representative from the Indonesian Cancer Foundation.


The Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI) is a non-profit organization that is social and humanitarian in the health sector, particularly in efforts to combat cancer and has a network in all provinces in Indonesia.