Patra Jasa Empowers Local Artists as an Action for Support Yogyakarta’s Cultural Arts

Patra Jasa Empowers Local Artists as an Action for Support Yogyakarta’s Cultural Arts

October 14, 2022

Patra Jasa through its business unit, Patra Malioboro Hotel collaborates with the surrounding community to carry out a Social Responsibility (TJSL) program for the socio-cultural and environmental category, in helping to increase the skills of the community by encouraging environmental independence, which can have an impact on economic growth and recovery after post COVID-19 at the Sosromeduran Tourism Village, Yogyakarta City.


Yogyakarta as one of the cities that has a very bold culture, customs, and culinary specialties of Java, has become one of the tourist destinations that are in demand by domestic and foreign tourists. This makes the Sosromeduran area become a tourist village because of its location in the heart of Yogyakarta.


Bregodo is a troop of Kraton soldier who often accompanies and escorts the processions of events in Yogyakarta Palace. With striking colors such as red, white ivory and black, Bregodo usually wears black shoes with white knee-length socks. In guarding the Keraton event, the Bregodo usually walks slowly in front with typical steps carrying several weapons such as keris, rifles and spears. Some Bregodo also plays music to accompany the procession like a drum band troop.


This TJSL program, Patra Jasa contributes to the Government in increasing tourist visits, by providing a set of gamelan musical instruments and Bregodo uniforms. “We have a high commitment not only in terms of visitors staying at Patra Malioboro, but how our presence in the middle of the Sosromenduran area can provide great benefits to the surrounding community,” said General Manager of Patra Malioboro – Roni Trystan.


Agus Joko Mulyono, SIP, M.Si, Village Head of Sosromenduran and beneficiaries of the TJSL program said, “We are very grateful to Patra Jasa, because it can provide opportunities for local youth in the Sosromenduran area, to participate in preserving the culture that has been passed down to be carried out for generations and has had a major impact on the progress of tourism in Yogyakarta.”


Patra Jasa is committed to continuously empowering and prospering the community around the business unit and can work together to promote the unique culture of Yogyakarta.


The ceremony was attended by representatives of the District, Sosromenduran Village Head, Agus Joko Mulyono, SIP, M.Si, Gedongtengen Police Chief Kompol Budi Riyanto SSos, Gedongtengen Danramil Captain Kav Yohanes Sutarna, Head of Sosromenduran Tourism Village, Ipung Purwandari, SH. BKO Kemantern, representatives from Babinsa, Babinkamtibmas, Head of RW 05, Head of RW 07, Head of LPMK, Head of the Arts Association and Bregodo Sosromenduran colleagues.