Patra Jasa Invites Wonotingal Residents to Turn Waste into Recycled Handicrafts

Patra Jasa Invites Wonotingal Residents to Turn Waste into Recycled Handicrafts

September 13, 2023

PT Patra Jasa, through its business unit Patra Semarang Hotel & Convention, handed over symbolic assistance to Karang Taruna RT 04, RT 07, in RW 01, Wonotingal Village, Candisari District. This assistance is a form of the Company’s commitment to implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility program.


According to news released by several media in Semarang, waste is a complicated problem in Semarang City, daily waste production, according to data from the City Environmental Service, reaches 1,300 tons. With that average count, in one month the amount of city waste can reach 39,000 tons, and in a year it can reach 468,000 tons.


Anticipating this, Patra Jasa took the initiative to invite residents around the hotel to care about maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, thereby making the place of residence comfortable and improving aesthetics by managing waste properly and correctly. Apart from that, Management wants to invite residents around the hotel to utilize waste to produce work that is useful and has economic value. Which has an impact on increasing the creative economy in the community around Patra Semarang.


The program that was carried out is in the form of training on how to use used bottles and cardboard waste to make souvenirs. By collaborating with MSME from Deqipas located in Kinnibali Semarang, participants were taught directly how to make souvenirs from used bottles and cardboard, such as making decorations, flower vases and several other souvenirs. Through this training, it is hoped that residents can be creative and become more productive and play a role in improving the creative economy in the Wonotingal Village environment.

Apart from the empowerment session, Management also donated 1 unit of press machine, 1 unit of grinding machine and built a waste warehouse. The assistance was handed over directly by the General Manager of Patra Semarang Hotel & Convention, Endang Lestari Ningsih and received by the Head of RT 04, RT 07 & RW 01, Wonotingal Village. Also attending the event were the Head of the Semarang City Environmental Service, the Head of Candisari District and the Head of Wonotingal Village.


The Semarang City Government through the Environmental Service welcomes the CSR program implemented by Patra Semarang Hotel & Convention. This was conveyed by Mr. FX Suranggono, S.Sos in his speech, “This activity really helps the Semarang City Government in realizing Semarang as a clean city and improving the creative economy so that the people of Semarang City become more independent and the level of economic prosperity increases.”


In her speech, Endang Lestari Ningsih as General Manager of Patra Semarang Hotel & Convention stated, “This CSR is an annual program implemented by PT Patra Jasa through its business units, with a different theme each year. Seeing the importance of maintaining cleanliness and beauty in the environment around the hotel, we participate in supporting government programs to improve the creative economy. This creative economy is very important to develop because it can help increase the level of community welfare, especially in the hotel environment. This year, we prepared a training program to utilize waste to make recycled souvenirs, build a waste warehouse, and donate equipment for processing waste in the form of press machines, grinders, etc. Our hope is that this collaboration with the Semarang City Environmental Service can provide maximum benefits and welfare for residents around the Hotel.”