Coconut Tree & Rare Tree Planting Program at The Patra Bali Resort & Villas

Coconut Tree & Rare Tree Planting Program at The Patra Bali Resort & Villas

December 2, 2018

THE PATRA BALI RESORT & VILLAS, which is located approximately 1 km from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport, has its own uniqueness as a five-star resort in Bali and also has a uniqueness that other hotels do not have. On a land area of ​​11 hectares, in one part located on the coast of South Kuta, grows a coconut tree (rare) with many branches which is also the icon of this resort.

As a five-star resort under the auspices of Patra Hotels & Resorts as one of the business lines of PT Patra Jasa, The Patra Bali Resort & Villas is very concerned about environmental conservation. Encouraged by this concern, a program of planting 251 coconut trees and rare plants was held to commemorate “Indonesian Tree Planting Day” which falls on November 28, 2018. This tree planting was also held ahead of the festive season of Christmas and New Year 2019.

The types of plants planted today are various types of coconut trees such as moon coconut, green coconut, early coconut, sudamala coconut and various rare fruit trees recommended by the forestry service including: majegau tree, badung tree, mundeh tree, gatep tree, sentul tree.

The planting of this rare tree was symbolically carried out by PJ President Director of PT Patra Jasa, Hari T. Wibowo, Environmental & Hygiene Service, Kuta Customary Village, Kelian Adat and Kelian Banjar Segara Office and followed by simultaneous planting by female employees who have invested by donating a coconut tree for every employee (one man one tree) on Tuesday, November 27 2018. By doing this activity right before the end of the year or entering the beginning of the new year 2019, it is hoped that a newer life can run well and smoothly.

As a resort that has a rare tree icon, The Patra Bali Resort & Villas also helps maintain the survival of rare trees throughout 2018. Currently there are 1,168 trees in the park area and with the addition of tree planting today as many as 251 trees, the total tree to 1,419 trees which symbolically also signifies The Patra Bali Resort & Villas is ready to welcome the new year 2019.

In addition, The Patra Bali Resort & Villas today also signed an MoU with Bali Wise, which is a women’s empowerment movement by recycling used soap collected from hotels in Bali. As an initial step, The Patra Bali Resort & Villas handed over 450 bars of used soap for recycling, where the recycled products will be redistributed to hotels in collaboration with Bali Wise so that it is hoped that it will contribute significantly to reducing waste from used soap.

“The tree planting program and the movement to recycle used soap are aimed at preserving nature. In addition, we actively cultivate environmental awareness among the employees of The Patra Bali Resort and Villas, so that our commitment to maintaining the environment consistently can be carried out, “said Hari T. Wibowo.