48th Anniversary of Patra Jasa

48th Anniversary of Patra Jasa

July 17, 2023

Having a long history of nearly 5 decades of struggle, Patra Jasa has gone through various challenges and has survived to this day. At the age of 48, Patra Jasa chose the theme Stepping in Harmony, which means that all leaders and workers have given their best effort and worked hand in hand to bring Patra Jasa to the highest peak.


On July 17, 2023, Patra Jasa held the 48th Anniversary event as a form of gratitude for all the achievements and dedication of Patra Jasa’s workers with the 70s theme.


Attended by the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, PERWIRA Patra Jasa Head Office, and representatives of each unit and subsidiary, Patra Jasa also invited representatives of Purna Patra and shareholders represented by SVP Upstream & Portfolio Co. Business Development & Portfolio, Edy Karyanto, and VP Portfolio Co. Business Development & Portfolio, Litta Ariesca.


In addition to appreciating the performance of all workers, Patra Jasa also launched a book with the title Melangkah Selaras, which contains the historical journey of Patra Jasa from its inception to being able to be in its current position, which is a form of appreciation to the former workers. The book was launched symbolically by handing it over to representatives of Purna Patra.


The event is incomplete without cutting tumpeng together, followed by the announcement and awarding of prizes to all the winners of the Pre-HUT competition. Apart from that, the Directorate’s Performance and best costume events are the moments that people have been waiting for. The event closed with the appearance of Guest Star, The Soulful.


Once again, Happy 48th Birthday to our beloved Company, Patra Jasa. Hopefully, in the future, Patra Jasa can continue to step in harmony together, continue to synergize by providing the best service through the 3 business pillars, and stay in line with the Company’s vision and mission.