Business Unit Development in Yogyakarta as One of Patra Jasa’s 2022 Strategic Plans

Business Unit Development in Yogyakarta as One of Patra Jasa’s 2022 Strategic Plans

January 28, 2022

Yogyakarta, January 28, 2022 – Patra Jasa has several business units in several big cities, one of them is in the city of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta as a choice because it is considered to have its own uniqueness. Apart from being a ‘student city’, this city is also a major tourist destination for local and international tourists, which is many people want to visit for tourism and investment.


Seeing the high opportunities in Yogyakarta, Patra Jasa has several strategic plans in developing its business. After successfully operating Patra Malioboro Hotel which was built with a modern industrial concept with a new-edge design in the heart of Yogyakarta, a luxury & iconic apartment in a strategic location called Amarta Apartment and 62 units of smart homes/landed houses which are under construction, located in area that is not far from the city center, namely Patra Residence Palagan. Patra Residence Palagan is a housing estate built with a renewable-house theme and has 2 types of houses, namely, 20 Units Type 180 and 42 Units Type 100. This housing has superior features, such as smart home, smart thermostats & air conditioning system, smart lighting, door lock & alarm system as well as a bio-digester that processes household waste into fertilizer.


The SPPU Directorate of PT Pertamina (Persero), as the Directorate that oversees AP Service activities, conducts a Management Walk Through (MWT) to Patra Jasa’s business unit in Yogyakarta. The visit was represented by Edy Karyanto – SVP of Upstream & Portfolio Co. Business Development & Portfolio, Asep Samsul Arifin – VP Portfolio Co. Business Development & Portfolio and other SPPU Teams at the end of January 2022. It started with a visit to Patra Malioboro Hotel, continued to the Patraland Amarta Apartment and finally to Patra Residence Palagan project.


The SPPU team witnessed first-hand the preparation and progress of development as well as the implementation of HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) aspects of Palagan project. The project progress is currently in the stages of building fences, gates, infrastructure & structure work, landscape, architectural and mechanical electrical (ME) for housing units and musholla.


Edy Karyanto expressed his hope that Patra Jasa can implement more aggressive and innovative Marketing strategies in the future to promote the business in Yogyakarta.