Collaboration & Patra Jasa to Support MSME Products Globally

Collaboration & Patra Jasa to Support MSME Products Globally

June 16, 2022

As a marketplace platform,, collaborates with several state-owned enterprises, including PT Patra Jasa, to support the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country through a business development capital program. This collaboration is expected that MSMEs may continue to develop product quality and improve digital capabilities.


This collaboration was marked by the grand launching of the Beemarket which was attended by representatives from PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, PT Pelindo Solusi Logistik, PT Patra Jasa, PT Pos Indonesia and Beemarket’s MSMEs, Thursday, June 16, 2022 at Central Park BRI 2 Building, Central Jakarta.


Business owner plays an important role in Indonesia’s economic recovery due to Covid-19. Beemarket takes the initiative to become a database center for global consumers to search for MSME products in Indonesia. Beemarket aims to create the image that Indonesian products are in good quality.


By collaborating with state-owned logistics, it is expected to ship the products within Indonesia and worldwide. To expand the customers, Beemarket has an offline program called, Beeambyars, an honesty canteen concept that sells MSMEs products that are already available online. Products that can be enjoyed are snacks that are available in several offices in Jakarta.


Meanwhile, collaboration with PT Patra Jasa in terms of placing several locations which are expected to optimize property assets for shopping the MSMEs products. President Director of PT Patra Jasa, Putut Ariwibowo hopes that this collaboration can really help the development of MSMEs.


“With the collaboration between Patra Jasa and Beemarket, we hope to be able to help the business owner of MSMEs to be able to expand in improving their brand, as well as introducing products to the wider community. This activity is also a form of our support to love local products that are not inferior to foreign products,” said Putut.


In addition to being a marketplace for local products, Beemarket also supports business owner of MSMEs with disabilities to sell their product online so that they are more motivated to develop their business. as a marketplace that is engaged in the food and beverage, fashion, beauty, health and craft categories is a platform to support MSMEs products that can be downloaded and available on mobile applications.