Introduction of New Directors & Sharing Session Happiness 4.0

Introduction of New Directors & Sharing Session Happiness 4.0

August 2, 2021

Jakarta, August 2, 2021 – On July 26, 2021, the Inauguration and Handover of the Positions of the Directors of PT Patra Jasa has been held, Mr. Putut Ariwibowo as President Director of PT Patra Jasa and Mrs. Evalina Sitepu as Director of Business Development of PT Patra Jasa. In early August, Patra Jasa introduced the new Board of Directors virtually, which was followed by a sharing session with entitled HAPPINESS 4.0 by Mr. Putut Ariwibowo.

The virtual sharing session was attended by more than 200 PERWIRA Patra Jasa which included BOD, SVP, VP, Managers and Assistant Managers based in the Head Office to business units throughout Indonesia.

Mr. Putut Ariwibowo provided motivation and shared his experiences, how to create happiness through 6 characters: Responsible, Adaptable, Speed, Strategic, Creative, & Collaborative. These 6 characters are derivatives of the Corporate Values, AKHLAK, which have been formulated by the Ministry of SOEs since 2020.

Happiness and success are two things that are closely related, where they are created from our own perspective, have a confident attitude to be able to carry out all the work given, and have a mindset that success is a journey that has no limits. Therefore, if you apply the six characters (Responsible, Adaptable, Speed, Strategic, Creative, & Collaborative) in your daily activities, happiness will be created and can be reflected by each individual and lead an impact on the Company.

“Success is not a measure, the way to stay happy is how we can be useful for surround us. So, we don’t have to wait for success because that is how we make ourselves useful. One example is by appreciating our work. This is a small happiness that can continue to cultivate,” said Mr. Putut Ariwibowo.

On the sidelines of the sharing session, Ms. Evalina Sitepu also shared her experience when she was trusted with a new position. “No matter how big the mandate is, we must remain grateful, live with joy, and believe that we can do it. And in order to grow, I love learning. Learning from anyone doesn’t matter, because I’m sure there must be something new that I can learn from that person, because everyone brings different experiences and lessons, which can bring happiness to themselves and have an impact on the Company.”

Hope in the future, the implementation of AKHLAK can be applied as well as possible. Continue to execute it in daily life in order to improve the quality of oneself as a reliable and integrity individual.