Patra Jasa Implements Health Protocols in Each Business Unit and Operational Area

Patra Jasa Implements Health Protocols in Each Business Unit and Operational Area

August 6, 2020

Jakarta, August 6, 2020

Patra Jasa’s operational activities during the Covid-19 pandemic are still ongoing, where all business units and project areas implement strict health protocols. “We implement 3 (three) transitional stages by implementing WFH and WFO Flexibility, which aim to minimize physical contact and interaction at the work site. This is done to prevent the spread of new clusters in business units and project areas,” said Litta Ariesca, PJ Director of Marketing & Operations of PT Patra Jasa.

In addition to complying with the health protocols issued by the government, all workers are required to carry out rapid tests on a regular basis. Before entering the work location, early detection is carried out, namely all workers will be checked for body temperature and are required to wear masks and gloves. The work area is cleaned using a disinfectant. During this transition period, Patra Jasa also applies a worker shifting system. Supervision of all operational activities is always carried out by the Central HSSE Division.

“Especially in the project operational area, before workers enter the project area, they must have their body temperature checked and be given safety induction in connection with the health protocol and the completeness of PPE that must be worn while in the project. Besides that, it also requires workers to practice social distancing and always wash their hands several times a day,” he continued.

It is proven that as a result of discipline in implementing health protocols in all business units and operational areas, Patra Jasa received a Building Security Certificate in accordance with the new SOP, namely Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment (CHSE), issued by the HSSE Division of the Parent Company, PT Pertamina (Persero).

Patra Jasa continues to be committed to maintaining the health, safety and security of all Workers and continuously taking various efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in earnest.


Temperature check before entering Patra Cirebon Hotel & Convention


Patra Semarang Hotel & Convention workers use full PPE to serve customers at Resto Kendalisodo Brasserie


Workers are required to wash their hands, wear masks and wear PPE before entering the Pertamina Grha Project Area


Safety Induction is given by the Central HSSE Team every morning before entering the RSPP Extension Covid-19 Project Area