RTC Integrated Pertamina, An Efforts to Present an Integrated Research Facility

RTC Integrated Pertamina, An Efforts to Present an Integrated Research Facility

December 9, 2022

As an energy company, the development of research and technology activities is important for Pertamina because it is the backbone of the company in order to provide added value effectively, efficiently, and is needed for new business development to face future energy needs.


In an effort to meet these research needs, Pertamina will present a facility in one location, namely the Research & Technology Center (RTC) Integrated Pertamina, which is located on Pertamina’s area on Jl. Daan Mogot KM 16, West Jakarta.


The groundbreaking of the Research & Technology Center (RTC) Integrated Pertamina facility was held on Friday (9/12/2022). Also attending this activity were President Director & CEO of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, Director of Strategy, Portfolio and New Ventures Pertamina, A. Salyadi Dariah Saputra, Director of Corporate Services Pertamina, Dedi Sunardi, President Director of PP, Novel Arsyad, accompanied by President Director of Patra Jasa, Putut Ariwibowo and related Management.


President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati appreciated the construction of this facility; according to her, this facility is not just a building, but a facility that will support Indonesia’s energy security and independence.


“The construction of RTC Integrated is an idea that has been a long time coming, and finally it can be realized. It is expected to be realized as soon as possible, because we really need it. What will be built is not just a building for Pertamina’s Research and Technology, but this is a facility that will support Indonesia’s energy independence. This is where innovations will be born that can realize Indonesia’s energy transition in the future, because so far we have done it separately. Therefore, this time we make it more integrated,” said Nicke.


Nicke added the companies that survive are those that have the ability to innovate.


“Because in the future, companies that can survive and grow for sustainability are companies that have the ability to innovate. Research and Technology is the initial stage, and mandatorily carried out to be able to realize the development of innovation, because of the importance of this facility, the acceleration of Patra Jasa and PP is highly expected and appreciated. We at Pertamina provide full support,” she added.


President Director of Patra Jasa, Putut Ariwibowo said, Patra Jasa as part of Pertamina, is committed to fully supporting the activities carried out by Pertamina Holding in an effort to become a Global Energy Champion, one of which is through the construction of this RTC Integrated Facility.


“Patra Jasa is ready to help succeed Pertamina’s goals and aspirations”.


“We received an assignment from the Directorate of Strategy, Portfolio and New Ventures Pertamina on January 14, 2022 to build this facility, the construction will be carried out over 4 stages. The building will prioritize the concept of green building, prioritizing the concept of green design, neutral and high technology, for example designed to be explosion-proof and from the beginning pay attention to aspects of ease of building maintenance. We hope that this construction can be carried out according to plan so that it can be utilized by Pertamina and can contribute to Pertamina’s business growth, “he hoped.


Patra Jasa collaborates with PP in building RTC Integrated, one of which is through the application of BIM (Building Information Modeling) Technology, technology in the field of AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) which is able to simulate all information in a development project into a 3-dimensional model, so the work accuracy is increases, including the arrangement of work in the field and can further mitigate construction risks.


Technical Director of Patra Jasa, Whisnu Bahriansyah expects, “The background of this facility because Integrated Research Center is needed, currently Pertamina’s Research Center is still spread in several location. It is hoped that with this Integrated Research Center, research and technology activities can be better and integrated. ”


“We will create a building that meets green building criteria, then later during construction, we will use BIM technology to accelerate project construction. The planning and construction process is done in parallel so that it can shorten the project work time. We hope that the construction of this project can run on schedule, on budget and on return, and still maintain HSSE aspects during the construction process,” he said.


The construction of Pertamina’s  RTC Center Integrated began in 2022, with a total area of 65,931M2. This facility consists of several buildings, namely the Main Laboratory, Open Laboratory & Workshop, and Business Center, which are equipped with the necessary supporting facilities.


The implementation of BIM is carried out from the planning to the construction period. In addition to increasing work productivity, BIM can also help facilitate communication with stakeholders. Not only BIM, later this project is also supported by the utilization of smart construction technology, such as Virtual Reality.


The integrated RTC facility has the advantages of being an integrated laboratory facility for research, upstream, downstream and renewable energy; designed with the target of green building certification, and implemented by prioritizing the synergy of Pertamina and Patra Jasa as subsidiaries. The use of solar panels to provide up to 11% of building energy, the application of building automation systems in building operations and the maximum use of domestic components.


The integrated RTC facility also has the advantage of natural lighting with a secondary skin in the form of perforated AC panels that allow light and visuals to enter the room, so that the workspace becomes healthier; has green open space and biophilic design, which is plant elements and green elements in the room.