Sosialisasi AKHLAK Patra Jasa

Sosialisasi AKHLAK Patra Jasa

February 3, 2021

Jakarta, February 3, 2021

Patra Jasa conducted a virtual “Corals Socialization Live Event (Trustworthy, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive, and Collaborative)” as a new Corporate Values. The socialization was delivered by representatives of the Parent Company, namely Mr. Mohamad Zuhroni – Manager of Culture & Change Management of PT Pertamina (Persero) as a resource person.

The event began with an introduction by PT Patra Jasa’s VP of Human Capital & General Aair, Joko Mediantoro, which was attended by around 430 Patra Jasa employees and subsidiaries spread throughout Indonesia. AKHLAK is a Core Value that must be implemented and internalized in all SOEs, Subsidiaries and Consolidated Affiliated Companies, including Pertamina Group and Patra Jasa.

This socialization is expected to help OFFICERS of Patra Jasa to better understand and be able to apply AKHLAK well, and make AKHLAK the identity of daily behavior and cultural glue that supports continuous performance improvement.

For friends of OFFICER Patra Jasa who don’t understand the Company’s Core Values, AKHLAK can watch it on Patra Jasa’s Youtube Channel: