SOHO Patra Park

The best investment in Cirebon is in the center of an integrated and complete area.

Located in Cirebon CBD, SOHO Patra Park is an integrated and most complete area owned by Cirebon Regency and was established right next to Patra Cirebon Hotel & Convention. Carrying a modern lifestyle without forgetting local wisdom in its architecture, SOHO Patra Park presents a business, entertainment and hospitality center in one location.

SOHO Patra Park has a land area of 5.6 ha and a total of 56 units consisting of SOHO Regular, SOHO Regular Terrace, SOHO Hoek, and SOHO Hoek Terrace.


  • Mosque
  • Foodcourt (Patra Food Culinary)
  • Parking Area
  • Garden


Jl. Tuparev No.11, Sutawinangun, Kecamtan. Kedawung, Kabupaten Cirebon, Jawa Barat 45153



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